I. The First Peer-reviewed Research Book

Charles Sturt University's News about His Peer-reviewed Research Book

Yi, Zhixian. 2018. Marketing services and resources in information organisations. Cambridge, MA, USA: Elsevier.

Bailey, Ashley. 2018. Review of marketing services and resources in information organizations. Against the Grain 30 (3): 44

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing

Chapter 2: Market Research

Chapter 3: Techniques for Identifying Users' Needs and Wants

Chapter 4: Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Chapter 5: The Marketing Mix and Branding

Chapter 6: Strategic Marketing Planning

Chapter 7: Marketing Implementation and Evaluation

Chapter 8: Techniques for Promoting Services and Resources

Chapter 9: Techniques for Marketing Electronic Resources

Chapter 10: Social Media Marketing

Chapter 11: The Future of Marketing Services and Resources


With the rapid development of information and communication technology and increasingly intense competition with other organizations, information organizations face a pressing need to market their unique services and resources and reach their user bases in the digital age. Marketing Services and Resources in Information Organizations explores a variety of important and useful topics in information organisations based on the author's marketing courses and his empirical studies on Australian academic librarians' perceptions of marketing services and resources. This book provides an introduction to marketing, the marketing process, and marketing concepts, research, mix and branding, and much more. Readers will learn strategic marketing planning, implementation, and evaluation, effective techniques for promoting services and resources, and effective social media and Web 2.0 tools used to promote services and resources.

Marketing Services and Resources in Information Organizations is survey-based, theoretical and practical. The advanced statistical techniques used in this book distinguish the findings from other survey research products in the marketing field, and will be useful to practitioners when they consider their own marketing strategies. This book provides administrators, practitioners, instructors, and students at all levels with effective marketing techniques, approaches, and strategies as it looks at marketing from multiple perspectives.

Key Features

Examines effective marketing techniques, approaches and strategies

Studies marketing from multiple perspectives

Empirical-based, theoretical, and practical

Systematic and comprehensive


Students of library and information sciences, librarians, library directors and archival administrative staff.

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Comments on This Book

One of the students taking the marketing subject commented, "Hi George, Thank you so much for that. It's a big help! Yes, I am really loving this subject, I really understand and agree with it so much. And your book is really helpful and so easy to understand, too."

Another student commented that "... I also found his book that we read for most modules was an excellent resource. I referenced George's works heavily in both assessments as he has not only written a lot on marketing in info orgs but it is useful and easy to understand."

II. The Second Peer-reviewed Research Book

Yi, Zhixian. 2024. Change management in information organizations (My book proposal submitted to Elsevier publisher for review and publication was approved on 23 December 2020 after my responses to 4 peer review reports that were positive and one peer review report that was less positive. On 24 November 2021, I received the fully signed contract amendment because I got three surgeries in 2021. I got two surgeries in 2023. My peer-reviewed research book will be published in 2024.)