2005 CALA Scholarship Recipients
(June 7, 2005)

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) is pleased to announce the recipients of the four 2005 CALA scholarships: Ms. Donghua Tao from the University of Missouri, Mr. Zhi Xian Yi at the Texas Woman's University, Ms. Hairong Zhu at the Kent State University, and Mr. Yang Jin from University of Michigan. The award ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 26, 2005, 7:00 ?10: 00 p.m. at the CALA Annual Awards Banquet, in conjunction with the 2005 ALA Annual Conference to be held in Chicago.

Ms. Donghua Tao, a doctoral student at the University of Missouri's School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, has won the 2005 CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science. Ms. Tao earned a MLS degree with specialty in medical librarianship at the same university. She has also concurrently enrolled in a program of Master of Health Informatics. In a reference letter from Dr. Sanda Erdelez, Associate Professor at the School of Information Science and Learning Technology at the University of Missouri, she commends that "Donghua impressed me as very intelligent, articulate, and focused person," and "she possesses a strong interest in library and information science, especially in understanding how people in the medical community access and use information." As a promising scholar in the library profession, Ms. Tao has published three articles on peer-reviewed journals. She gave numerous presentations at the conferences held by the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), Missouri Library Association, and American Medical Informatics Association. She will give a presentation at the 2005 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. Ms. Tao is a student member of CALA (since 2001), American Medical Information Association, Medical Library Association, American Society for Information Science and Technology, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Special Library Association, and American Library Association. In a reference letter, Professor John Budd, Associate Director of the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies of the University of Missouri, further elaborates that "I believe we have a professional responsibility both to support scholars and professionals of promise and to reward accomplishments. Awarding a scholarship to Ms. Tao would embrace and accomplish both of these responsibilities.?

Mr. Zhi Xian Yi is awarded the Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship. Mr. Yi is currently a doctoral student at the School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman's University. He received a MLS degree from Southern Connecticut State University and M.A. in English from Central South University, Hunan, China. Professor Sylvia Vardell at the School of Library and Information Studies, Texas Woman's University, praises that Mr. Yi "is very hard working and conscientious, determined to achieve his goals and make a difference." Another professor, Dr. Keith Swigger, comments that "Mr. Yi combines intellectual gifts with ambition and energy. His dedication and unceasing efforts to produce the high quality work distinguished him among students."

Ms. Hairong Zhu is a recipient of the C.C. Seetoo Conference Travel Scholarship. Ms. Zhu is a student at the School of Library and Information Science, Kent State University. Yin Zhang, Associate Professor at the School of Library and Information Science of the Kent State University, praises Ms. Zhu that "she is a very motivated learner and an employee as evidenced by the awards she received for her excellence for her school work and professional work. Recently, she won the 2004 Academic Library Association of Ohio's minority student scholarship. She is definitely on track for academic and professional achievements." Ms. Zhu plans to use the fund to attend the 2005 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.

Mr. Yang Jin is a winner of the Huang Tso-ping and Wu Yao-yu Scholarship. Mr. Jin is now pursuing his Master of Science in Information degree at the University of Michigan, with a specialization in human computer interaction. Xiao-Wen Zou, Academic Advisor of School of Information Science at the University of Michigan, believes in Mr. Jin that "with his solid academic background, years of overseas experience and sustaining self-confidence, I envision that he would have a huge potential for great academic and professional success in the near future."

Each year, the CALA Scholarship Committee awards four scholarships, up to $2,700, to full-time students enrolled in ALA-accredited LIS programs in North American. These scholarships are CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science, Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship, C.C. Seetoo Conference Travel Scholarship, and Huang Tso-ping and Wu Yao-yu Scholarship. This year, the CALA Scholarships Committee received a pool of high caliber of applicants. Sha Li Zhang, the CALA Scholarships Committee Chair, credited it to the directors of the ALA accredited library and information science programs and professors in these programs. They encouraged their students to apply the scholarships and took time to write wonderful reference letters for these applicants. CALA was pleased to be able to provide support to these outstanding students in their library professional education through these scholarships.

2005 CALA Scholarships Committee Sha Li Zhang, Chair
Assistant Director for Technical Services
University of North Carolina Greensboro Libraries
E-mail: slzhang@uncg.edu

Lian Ruan
Director/Head Librarian
Illinois Fire Service Institute
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
e-mail: lruan@fsi.uiuc.edu

Danielle Wang
Head of Computer Services
Franklin Park Public Library
e-mail: dwang@linc.lib.il.us